Canard à faucilles - Mareca falcata

Falcated Duck

Canard à faucilles
The female has a plumage pattern that is generally similar to that of other members of the genus, although on the dark side, but the male is quite spectacularly different from any other ducks, with a significant shaggy crest, a unique face pattern, and the tightly curved tertials (inner secondary wing feathers) that give it its name ( falcate means curved or sickle-shaped ). Those feathers are not only curved as you see, but in cross section are an acute U shape, and so long that their tips can, as I have shown in the painting, touch the water in the normal swimming pose.
  • Cerceta de Alfanjes
  • Pato-falcado
  • Sichelente
  • Mareca falcata
  • Anseriformes



Ordre : Ansériformes
Famille : Anatidés
Espèce : Canard à faucilles

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