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Cream-colored Woodpecker
Pic jaune

Pic jaune


Black-spotted Barbet
Cabézon tacheté

Short-crested Flycatcher
Tyran féroce

Coraya Wren
Troglodyte coraya

Greater Yellowlegs
Chevalier criard


Yellow-crowned Night Heron
Bihoreau violacé

Roseate Spoonbill
Spatule rosée

Spatule rosée

Yellow-hooded Blackbird
Carouge à capuchon

Snowy Egret
Aigrette neigeuse

White-fronted Manakin
Manakin à front blanc

Scale-backed Antbird
Fourmilier zébré

Fourmilier zébré


Crimson Topaz
Colibri topaze

Eastern Meadowlark
Sturnelle des prés

Chestnut-rumped Woodcreeper
Grimpar flambé

Black-crowned Night Heron
Bihoreau gris

Black Skimmer
Bec-en-ciseaux noir

Bec-en-ciseaux noir

Rufous Crab Hawk
Buse buson


Brown-chested Martin
Hirondelle tapère

Paradise Tanager
Calliste septicolore


Grey Kingbird
Tyran gris

Smooth-billed Ani
Ani à bec lisse

Marail Guan
Pénélope marail

Colibri topaze

Colibri topaze


Piratic Flycatcher
Tyran pirate

Tyran pirate

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