Oriental Darter - Anhinga melanogaster

Anhinga roux

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Oriental Darter
A Common site to see huge numbers of seabirds and waders on the various islands and coral reefs situated in Gulf of Kutch. A real delight for the birders as well as photographers to have them....
  • Aninga Común (Oriental)
  • Biguatinga de Pescoço Vermelho / Mergulhão-serpe
  • Indischer Schlangenhalsvogel
  • Anhinga melanogaster
  • Suliformes

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Order  : Suliformes
Family : Anhingidae
Species : Oriental Darter

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O.Net ref. : arde38450
Author : A. Deomurari
A Connoisseur's Eyes ...


date : 2007
Country : India (in)
Region : State of Gujarāt
Place : Poshetra Point Poshetra Point
Lat. : 22° 23' 59'' North
Lng. : 69° 10' 42'' East