Eleonora's Falcon - Falco eleonorae

Faucon d'Éléonore

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Eleonora's Falcon
Photo 4 - Drama while hunting: Despite the repeated efforts of the team of Eleonora's falcons, the bird that has fallen in the sea is sinking more and more. BUT the falcons do not abandon their rescue efforts. They try again and again while keeping continous communication with the drowning bird!
  • Halcón de Eleonora
  • Falcão-da-rainha
  • Eleonorenfalke
  • Falco eleonorae
  • Falconiformes

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Order  : Falconiformes
Family : Falconidae
Species : Eleonora's Falcon

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O.Net ref. : doza154672
Author : D. Zarzavatsaki
Dreams of ... Nature ...


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Model : Canon EOS 7D
Exposure : 1/1000 s
aperture : 8
Focal length : 400 mm
Iso : 800
Flash : no