Lesser Flamingo - Phoeniconaias minor

Flamant nain

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Lesser Flamingo First year
The Lesser Flamingo (Phoenicopterus minor) is a species in the flamingo family of birds which occurs in Africa (principally in the Great Rift Valley), across to Pakistan and northwest India. It is the smallest and most numerous flamingo, probably numbering up to two million individual birds. In Africa, where they are most numerous, the Lesser Flamingos breeds principally on the highly caustic Lake Natron in Northern Tanzania. Like all flamingos, they lay a single chalky white egg on mounds they build of mud. Most of the plumage is pinkish white.
  • First year
  • Flamenco Enano
  • Flamingo-pequeno
  • Zwergflamingo
  • Phoeniconaias minor
  • Phoenicopteriformes

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Order  : Phoenicoptériformes
Family : Phoenicopteridae
Species : Lesser Flamingo

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O.Net ref. : geth25457
Author : G. Theron
Nature Photography
Plumage : First year


date : 2006 Jun
Country : South Africa (sf)
Region : Free State
Place : Welkom Aerodrome Welkom Aerodrome
Lat. : 28° 0' 0'' South
Lng. : 26° 38' 59'' East

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Model : Canon EOS 20D
Exposure : 1/800 s
aperture : 7.1
Focal length : 400 mm
Iso : 100
Flash : no