Laughing Dove - Spilopelia senegalensis

Tourterelle maillée

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Laughing Dove
Streptopelia capicola Cape Turtle-Dove Gewone Tortelduif Kapturteltaube Streptopelia senegalensis Laughing Dove Rooiborsduifie Senegaltaube Rola do Senegal Tourterelle maillëe This illustration features in the children's book: Zauberer Zettelwitz - Table Mountain Wizard Rosie Breuer books
  • Tórtola Senegalesa
  • Rola do Senegal
  • Palmtaube
  • Spilopelia senegalensis
  • Columbiformes

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Order  : Columbiformes
Family : Columbidae
Species : Laughing Dove

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O.Net ref. : jiad96321
Author : J. Adams


Country : South Africa (sf)
Region : Province of the Western Cape
Place : Stellenbosch Stellenbosch
Lat. : 33° 55' 17'' South
Lng. : 18° 51' 0'' East