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Season of the White Stork
de Heiderose Fischer-Nagel, Andreas Fischer-Nagel(Ed. Carolrhoda Books) Isbn : 0876142420
12.3 €
Describes the physical characteristics and behavior of the white stork as it reproduces and raises its young on rooftop nests throughout the spring and summer seasons.

A Complete Guide to Zebra Finches
de John L. Corbett(Ed. TFH Publications) Isbn : 0866222766
4.67 €
Describes the different types of Zebra finches and provides tips on how to house, feed, breed, and keep them healthy.

Star Guide
de Franklyn Mansfield Branley(Ed. Ty Crowell Co) Isbn : 0690043511
13.19 €
Describes the composition and behavior of stars and notes which ones can be seen at different times of the year.

de Lynn M. Stone(Ed. Rourke Publishing Group) Isbn : 0865931976
17.67 €
Describes the appearance, habits, nesting, feeding, infancy, and importance to humans of the world's largest bird.

de Christine Butterworth(Ed. Silver Burdett Pr) Isbn : 0382095529
11.36 €
Describes the appearance and behavior of swallows and the dangers they face migrating from South America.

A Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica
de F. Gary Stiles, Alexander F. Skutch(Ed. Cornell University Press) Isbn : 0801422876
68.88 €
Costa Rica, a country of no larger than West Virginia, hosts more than 830 species of birds, more than in all of North Amerian north of Mexico. It may well be the only country in the world with as many bird species and habitats to be found in such a small area. Within two hours' drive from San Jose, one can see quetzals in highland forests, antbirds in lowland forests, or shorebirds and ibises in mangrove swamps. This lavishly illustrated book is the most comprehensive treatment of a rich tropical avifauna ever presented in a single volume suitable for its use in the field. With is full coverage of waterbirds and migrants as well as resident tropical species, and its coverage of such topics as plumages, vocalizations, food habits, nesting, and distribution, it is truly a guide to the birds...

Eastern Birds
de James Coe(Ed. Goldencraft) Isbn : 0307636712
21.47 €
Can you name all of the birds visiting your backyard feeder, swimming on a local pond, or soaring through familiar skies ? This easy-to-use guide is perfect for the casual observer or beginning bird enthusiast. Its innovative Master Plates help eliminate confusion between similar birds, and the landscapes depicting a bird's habitat speed identification. Highly acclaimed by critics, Eastern Birds is the perfect companion for nature walks and for pleasurable birdwatching. Covers all of North America east of the Rockies Focuses on common species Describes plumage, gender differences, breeding habits, songs, and calls Maps detail summer, winter, year-round, and migratory ranges Common and scientific namesComprehensive Up-to-date AuthoritativeWritten by world-renowned scholars, Golden Field Gui...

The Birds of the Republic of Panama: Passeriformers, Hirundinidae
de Alexander Wetmore, Roger F. Pasquier, Storrs L. Olson(Ed. Smithsonian Books) Isbn : 0874749565
34.55 €

Hawks at My Wingtip
de Bill Welch(Ed. North Country Books) Isbn : 0896210987
7.56 €
Book by Welch Bill

de Scott Weidensaul(Ed. Crescent Books) Isbn : 0517688484
18.99 €
Book by Weidensaul Scott