White-bearded Manakin - Manacus manacus

Manakin casse-noisette

White-bearded Manakin male adult breeding
These birds create a lekking area in dense shade just above the forest floor. They clear the area of debris remove leaves from the branches. The lek consists of a small number of leggy upright saplings about 2-3 metres apart with nothing between. The males dance back forward between these vertical branches sticking out their 'beards' making strange crackling noises -like high voltage electric sparks!
  • adult
  • breeding
  • Saltarín Barbiblanco
  • Rendeira
  • Säbelpipra
  • Manacus manacus
  • Passeriformes

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Order  : Passériformes
Family : Pipridae
Species : White-bearded Manakin

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O.Net ref. : stga49667
Author :
Gender : ♂
Plumage : adult, breeding


date : 2006 May
Country : Trinidad and Tobago (td)
Region : County of Saint George
Place : Asa Wright Nature Centre Asa Wright Nature Centre
Lat. : 10° 43' 48'' North
Lng. : 61° 17' 53'' West

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Model : Canon 1D mkII

Exposure : 1/60s s

aperture : f4

Focal length : 500 mm

Iso : 800

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