Common Reed Bunting

Emberiza schoeniclus - Bruant des roseaux

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Linnaeus, 1758

  • Size
    : 17 cm
  • Wingspan
    : 23 à 25 cm.
  • Weight
    : 16 à 25 g

11 years

Geographic range


Description identification

Common Reed Bunting (Emberiza schoeniclus) is a species of bird in the Emberizidae family.

Subspecific information 19 Subspecies

  • Emberiza schoeniclus lusitanica (nw Spain and Portugal)
  • Emberiza schoeniclus schoeniclus (w, n and nc Europe to n European Russia)
  • Emberiza schoeniclus passerina (nw Siberia)
  • Emberiza schoeniclus parvirostris (c Siberia)
  • Emberiza schoeniclus pyrrhulina (sc Siberia and ne Mongolia to Kamchatka Pen., Kuril Is. n Japan and ne China)
  • Emberiza schoeniclus pallidior (sw Siberia and n Kazakhstan)
  • Emberiza schoeniclus stresemanni (e Austria, Hungary, n Serbia and nw Romania)
  • Emberiza schoeniclus ukrainae (Moldavia and Ukraine to c European Russia)
  • Emberiza schoeniclus incognita (se European Russia to nw, c and ne Kazakhstan)
  • Emberiza schoeniclus witherbyi (Spain. except nw. , s France, Sardinia, Balearic Is. and Morocco)
  • Emberiza schoeniclus intermedia (Italy and the Adriatic coast to Albania)
  • Emberiza schoeniclus tschusii (Bulgaria, Romania and the n Black Sea region)
  • Emberiza schoeniclus reiseri (se Albania, nw Greece, Macedonia and w and c Turkey)
  • Emberiza schoeniclus caspia (e Turkey, the Caucasus and n Iran)
  • Emberiza schoeniclus korejewi (sw and e Iran, s Turkmenistan)
  • Emberiza schoeniclus pyrrhuloides (w Kazakhstan to se Kazakhstan)
  • Emberiza schoeniclus harterti (e Kazakhstan to c Mongolia and nw China)
  • Emberiza schoeniclus centralasiae (w China)
  • Emberiza schoeniclus zaidamensis (wc China)

Foreign names

  • Bruant des roseaux,
  • Escribano Palustre,
  • Escrevedeira-dos-caniços,
  • Rohrammer,
  • Nádi sármány,
  • Rietgors,
  • Migliarino di palude,
  • Sävsparv,
  • Sivspurv,
  • strnádka trstinová,
  • strnad rákosní,
  • Rørspurv,
  • pajusirkku,
  • repicatalons,
  • Seftittlingur,
  • potrzos (zwyczajny),
  • niedru stērste, svilsprāklītis,
  • trstni strnad,
  • Камышовая овсянка,
  • オオジュリン,
  • 芦鹀,
  • 蘆鵐,

Voice song and cries


Wetlands (inland) : Shrub Dominated Wetlands, Bogs, Marshes, Swamps, Fens, Peatlands, Permanent Freshwater Lakes (over 8ha), Seasonal/Intermittent Freshwater Lakes (over 8ha), Permanent Freshwater Marshes/Pools (under 8ha), Tundra Wetlands (incl. pools and temporary waters from snowmelt) ; Artificial/Terrestrial : Arable Land

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