Nyctale de Harris - Aegolius harrisii

Buff-fronted Owl

Nyctale de Harris
It is a small owl, closely related to the Saw-whet Owl. It is found in various parts of northern and South America, at times at fairly high altitudes (up to 2,000 metres in Columbia, and up to the Paramo zone of 3,800 metres in Venezuela). It is rarely seen, rarely photographed, and very little is known about its food, habitat preferences (although it seems to like clearings and openings in the forest, including the cold, windswept and stunted vegetation of higher altitudes) or its nesting habits. I have shown the bird, which would fit comfortably on one's hand, in the vegetation and shaggy branches of Polylepis australis, endemic to the uplands of the Andes, and known to be a tree where this species has been found perching.
  • Mochuelo Canela
  • Caburé-acanelado
  • Blaßstirnkauz
  • Aegolius harrisii
  • Strigiformes



Ordre : Strigiformes
Famille : Strigidés
Espèce : Nyctale de Harris

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