Zitting Cisticola

Cisticola juncidis - Cisticole des joncs

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Rafinesque, 1810

  • Size
    : 10 cm
  • Wingspan
    : -
  • Weight
    : 5 à 12 g
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Cisticole des joncs
♂ adult
Cisticole des joncs
♀ adult plum. breeding

Zitting Cisticola (Cisticola juncidis) is a species of bird in the Cisticolidae family.

Subspecific information 17 subspecies

  • Cisticola juncidis juncidis (s France to Turkey and Syria, also Egypt and large Mediterranean islands)
  • Cisticola juncidis cisticola (w France, Iberian Pen., Balearic Is. and nw Africa)
  • Cisticola juncidis uropygialis (Senegal and Gambia to Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Nigeria)
  • Cisticola juncidis terrestris (Gabon and Congo to s Tanzania and south to South Africa)
  • Cisticola juncidis neuroticus (Cyprus, Lebanon and Israel to w Iran)
  • Cisticola juncidis cursitans (e Afghanistan to n Myanmar and s China and south to se India and dry lowlands of Sri Lanka)
  • Cisticola juncidis salimalii (sw India)
  • Cisticola juncidis omalurus (Sri Lanka. except dry lowlands.)
  • Cisticola juncidis brunniceps (s Korea, Japan and Batan I.. n Philippines.)
  • Cisticola juncidis tinnabulans (se China and Taiwan to Thailand, Indochina and the Philippines. except Batan I. and the Palawan Is..)
  • Cisticola juncidis nigrostriatus (Palawan Is.)
  • Cisticola juncidis malaya (Nicobar Is., se Myanmar, sw Thailand, the Malay Pen. and the Greater Sundas)
  • Cisticola juncidis fuscicapilla (e Java, the Kangean Is. and lesser Sundas)
  • Cisticola juncidis constans (Sulawesi and nearby islands)
  • Cisticola juncidis leanyeri (nc Australia)
  • Cisticola juncidis normani (nw Queensland n to ne Australia.)
  • Cisticola juncidis laveryi (ne Australia, sc New Guinea)

Foreign names

  • Cisticole des joncs,
  • Cistícola buitrón,
  • Fuinha-dos-juncos,
  • Zistensänger,
  • szuharbújó,
  • Graszanger,
  • Beccamoschino,
  • Grässångare,
  • Cistussanger,
  • cistovník ryšavý,
  • cistovník rákosníkový,
  • Cistussanger,
  • heinäkerttu,
  • Landeryklopkloppie,
  • trist,
  • Hálmsöngvari,
  • chwastówka (zwyczajna),
  • zāļu platastīte,
  • brškinka,
  • Золотистая цистикола,
  • Cici padi,
  • セッカ,
  • 棕扇尾莺,
  • นกยอดข้าวหางแพนลาย,
  • 棕扇尾鶯,

Voice song and cries

Cisticole des joncs
♂ adult


Cisticole des joncs
♂ adult plum. breeding

Shrubland : Subtropical/Tropical Dry ; Grassland : Temperate, Subtropical/Tropical Dry, Subtropical/Tropical Seasonally Wet/Flooded ; Wetlands (inland) : Permanent Freshwater Marshes/Pools (under 8ha), Seasonal/Intermittent Freshwater Marshes/Pools (under 8ha) ; Marine Intertidal : Salt Marshes (Emergent Grasses) ; Artificial/Terrestrial : Arable Land, Pastureland, Urban Areas ; Artificial/Aquatic and Marine : Seasonally Flooded Agricultural Land

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