Perroquet jaco - Psittacus erithacus

Grey Parrot

Perroquet jaco
The Grey Parrot is found across West and Central Africa, from Guinea-Bissau and Sierra Lone as far east to Kenya and northwestern Tanzania, and south into the jungles of the Congo region. Birds in the west are put in a different race (P. e. timneh) and are quite different from the more widely distributed and better known eastern birds, being darker grey, and with maroon, not red, tails, and often have a slash of dark red, not white, in the upper beak, although the cere (bare skin around the nostrils) is a chalky-white in both races. They have a wide variety of vocalizations and are famous for their ability to imitate other sounds, including the human voice, and also well known for their intelligence. Unfortunately there is a huge demand for captive specimens and several populations have been decreased by the demands of the exotic pet industry. Sometimes large flocks occur in the wild, and in flight the bird shows a very light, almost white, rump patch. Their colours fascinate me…it is unusual to see any animal or plant in nature that combines grey with an area of sharply demarcated bright scarlet. This painting of an adult male
  • Loro Yaco
  • Papagaio-cinzento
  • Graupapagei
  • Psittacus erithacus
  • Psittaciformes



Ordre : Psittaciformes
Famille : Psittacidés
Espèce : Perroquet jaco

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