Sarcoramphe roi - Sarcoramphus papa

King Vulture

Sarcoramphe roi
The King Vulture belongs to the New World group of vultures and condors, that we now know are not, as had been assumed for a long time, in the same family as hawks and eagles, but rather, they are more closely related to the storks. They primarily eat carrion, although some will take some vegetable matter. The King Vulture is found in central and South America. I have met some captive ones (including newly hatched downy young) and found them to be gentle, intelligent birds who, when conditioned to not fear people, seem actually affectionate, and like to be touched or petted (as do some crows, parrots and other species that are believed to be among the more intelligent birds.) They often soar above the forest, in the company of the smaller Black and Turkey Vultures. Their heads are mostly bare of feathers (other than sparse, bristle-like feathers) and very brightly coloured.
  • Zopilote rey
  • urubu-rei
  • Königsgeier
  • Sarcoramphus papa
  • Accipitriformes



Ordre : Accipitriformes
Famille : Cathartidés
Espèce : Sarcoramphe roi

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