Northern Cardinal

Cardinalis cardinalis - Cardinal rouge

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Linnaeus, 1758

  • Size
    : 24 cm
  • Wingspan
    : 25 à 31 cm.
  • Weight
    : 42 à 48 g

15 years

Geographic range


Description identification

Cardinal rouge
♂ adult
Cardinal rouge
♀ adult

Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) is a species of bird in the Cardinalidae family.

Subspecific information 19 subspecies

  • Cardinalis cardinalis cardinalis (se Canada, c and e USA. except se Georgia and peninsular Florida.)
  • Cardinalis cardinalis floridanus (se Georgia and peninsular Florida. se USA.)
  • Cardinalis cardinalis magnirostris (s Texas and c Oklahoma to Mississippi. sc USA.)
  • Cardinalis cardinalis canicaudus (w Oklahoma and w and c Texas. sc USA. to c Mexico)
  • Cardinalis cardinalis coccineus (San Luis Potosí to n Oaxaca. e to sc Mexico.)
  • Cardinalis cardinalis littoralis (Veracruz to Tabasco. se Mexico.)
  • Cardinalis cardinalis yucatanicus (base of the Yucatán Pen.. se Mexico.)
  • Cardinalis cardinalis phillipsi (Yucatán Pen.. se Mexico.)
  • Cardinalis cardinalis flammiger (s Quintana Roo. se Mexico. , ne Belize and n Guatemala)
  • Cardinalis cardinalis saturatus (Cozumel I.. off se Mexico.)
  • Cardinalis cardinalis superbus (sw USA and n Sonora. nw Mexico.)
  • Cardinalis cardinalis seftoni (c Baja California. nw Mexico.)
  • Cardinalis cardinalis igneus (s Baja California. nw Mexico.)
  • Cardinalis cardinalis clintoni (Seralvo I.. off Baja California in nw Mexico.)
  • Cardinalis cardinalis townsendi (Tiburón I. and adjacent coastal Sonora. nw Mexico.)
  • Cardinalis cardinalis affinis (nc and wc Mexico)
  • Cardinalis cardinalis sinaloensis (w Mexico)
  • Cardinalis cardinalis mariae (Tres Marias Is.. off w Mexico.)
  • Cardinalis cardinalis carneus (sw Mexico)

Foreign names

  • Cardinal rouge,
  • Cardenal Común,
  • Cardeal-roxo,
  • Rotkardinal,
  • kardinálispinty,
  • Rode Kardinaal,
  • Cardinale settentrionale,
  • Röd kardinal,
  • Rødkardinal,
  • kardinál červený,
  • kardinál červený,
  • Rød Kardinal,
  • punakardinaali,
  • cardenal vermell,
  • kardynał szkarłatny,
  • sarkanais kardināls,
  • Красный кардинал,
  • ショウジョウコウカンチョウ,
  • 主红雀,
  • 主紅雀,

Voice song and cries


Cardinal rouge
♂ adult

Forest : Temperate, Subtropical/Tropical Moist Lowland ; Shrubland : Subtropical/Tropical Dry, Subtropical/Tropical Moist ; Wetlands (inland) : Permanent Rivers/Streams/Creeks (includes waterfalls), Bogs, Marshes, Swamps, Fens, Peatlands ; Artificial/Terrestrial : Urban Areas, Subtropical/Tropical Heavily Degraded Former Forest

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