Paruline à tête cendrée - Setophaga magnolia

Magnolia Warbler

Paruline à tête cendrée
The Magnolia Warbler is a common migrant where I live in southern Ontario, seen each spring and fall. They nest in mostly boreal evergreen or montane forest from the Yukon east across Canada to Newfoundland, and south into the mountains of the eastern U.S. They winter in the tropics and subtropics. Both birds are in spring breeding plumage, the male is the upper figure, female below.
  • Reinita de magnolia
  • Mariquita-de-faces-pretas
  • Magnolienwaldsänger
  • Setophaga magnolia
  • Passeriformes



Ordre : Passériformes
Famille : Parulidés
Espèce : Paruline à tête cendrée

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