Paruline noir et blanc - Mniotilta varia

Black-and-white Warbler

Paruline noir et blanc
This is another North American pan-tropical migrant, although some birds do spend the winter as far north as the extreme southern U.S. (Florida), northern Mexico and the West Indies. As a breeding species it, like so many warblers, is found in the woods and forest of much of north America, from the Yukon all the way to Georgia, although absent in the far west and arid southwest parts of Canada and the U.S. This painting is a gouache watercolour on paper. It illustrates a characteristic of the species, the way they creep around on tree trunks, a little bit like a nuthatch or a creeper, although at other times they act as a typical perching bird. Up here in Ontario the do seem to like birch trees, so I have tried to show a pair in a Paper Birch as it would appear in May, when they arrive back from the south
  • Reinita trepadora
  • Riscadinha
  • Kletterwaldsänger
  • Mniotilta varia
  • Passeriformes



Ordre : Passériformes
Famille : Parulidés
Espèce : Paruline noir et blanc

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