Family : Diomedeidae

21 present species in the family of Diomedeidae

Classification :
English name Scientific name Common name
Amsterdam AlbatrossDiomedea amsterdamensisAlbatros d'Amsterdam
Antipodean AlbatrossDiomedea antipodensisAlbatros des Antipodes
Atlantic Yellow-nosed AlbatrossThalassarche chlororhynchosAlbatros à nez jaune
Black-browed AlbatrossThalassarche melanophrisAlbatros à sourcils noirs
Black-footed AlbatrossPhoebastria nigripesAlbatros à pieds noirs
Buller's AlbatrossThalassarche bulleriAlbatros de Buller
Campbell AlbatrossThalassarche impavidaAlbatros de l'île Campbell
Chatham AlbatrossThalassarche eremitaAlbatros des Chatham
Grey-headed AlbatrossThalassarche chrysostomaAlbatros à tête grise
Indian Yellow-nosed AlbatrossThalassarche carteriAlbatros de l'océan indien
Laysan AlbatrossPhoebastria immutabilisAlbatros de Laysan
Light-mantled AlbatrossPhoebetria palpebrataAlbatros fuligineux
Northern Royal AlbatrossDiomedea sanfordiAlbatros royal du Nord
Salvin's AlbatrossThalassarche salviniAlbatros de Salvin
Short-tailed AlbatrossPhoebastria albatrusAlbatros à queue courte
Shy AlbatrossThalassarche cautaAlbatros à cape blanche
Sooty AlbatrossPhoebetria fuscaAlbatros brun
Southern Royal AlbatrossDiomedea epomophoraAlbatros royal
Tristan AlbatrossDiomedea dabbenenaAlbatros de Tristan
Wandering AlbatrossDiomedea exulansAlbatros hurleur
Waved AlbatrossPhoebastria irrorataAlbatros des Galapagos

Sources : Gill, F and D Donsker (Eds). 2019. IOC World Bird List (v9.1) doi : 10.14344/IOC.ML.9.1.
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