Family : Tinamidae

46 present species in the family of Tinamidae

Classification :
English name Scientific name Common name
Andean TinamouNothoprocta pentlandiiTinamou des Andes
Barred TinamouCrypturellus casiquiareTinamou barré
Bartlett's TinamouCrypturellus bartlettiTinamou de Bartlett
Berlepsch's TinamouCrypturellus berlepschiTinamou de Berlepsch
Black TinamouTinamus osgoodiTinamou noir
Black-capped TinamouCrypturellus atrocapillusTinamou à calotte noire
Brazilian TinamouCrypturellus strigulosusTinamou oariana
Brown TinamouCrypturellus obsoletusTinamou brun
Brushland TinamouNothoprocta cinerascensTinamou sauvageon
Chilean TinamouNothoprocta perdicariaTinamou perdrix
Choco TinamouCrypturellus kerriaeTinamou de Kerr
Cinereous TinamouCrypturellus cinereusTinamou cendré
Curve-billed TinamouNothoprocta curvirostrisTinamou curvirostre
Darwin's NothuraNothura darwiniiTinamou de Darwin
Dwarf TinamouTaoniscus nanusTinamou carapé
Elegant Crested TinamouEudromia elegansTinamou élégant
Great TinamouTinamus majorGrand Tinamou
Grey TinamouTinamus taoTinamou tao
Grey-legged TinamouCrypturellus duidaeTinamou de Zimmer
Highland TinamouNothocercus bonaparteiTinamou de Bonaparte
Hooded TinamouNothocercus nigrocapillusTinamou à capuchon
Huayco TinamouRhynchotus maculicollisTinamou huayco
Lesser NothuraNothura minorPetit Tinamou
Little TinamouCrypturellus souiTinamou soui
Ornate TinamouNothoprocta ornataTinamou orné
Pale-browed TinamouCrypturellus transfasciatusTinamou à grands sourcils
Patagonian TinamouTinamotis ingoufiTinamou de Patagonie
Puna TinamouTinamotis pentlandiiTinamou quioula
Quebracho Crested TinamouEudromia formosaTinamou superbe
Red-legged TinamouCrypturellus erythropusTinamou à pieds rouges
Red-legged Tinamou (columbianus)Crypturellus erythropus columbianusTinamou de Colombie
Red-legged Tinamou (idoneus)Crypturellus erythropus idoneusTinamou des Santa Marta
Red-legged Tinamou (saltuarius)Crypturellus erythropus saltuariusTinamou de la Magdalena
Red-winged TinamouRhynchotus rufescensTinamou isabelle
Rusty TinamouCrypturellus brevirostrisTinamou rubigineux
Slaty-breasted TinamouCrypturellus boucardiTinamou de Boucard
Small-billed TinamouCrypturellus parvirostrisTinamou à petit bec
Solitary TinamouTinamus solitariusTinamou solitaire
Spotted NothuraNothura maculosaTinamou tacheté
Taczanowski's TinamouNothoprocta taczanowskiiTinamou de Taczanowski
Tataupa TinamouCrypturellus tataupaTinamou tataupa
Tawny-breasted TinamouNothocercus juliusTinamou à tête rousse
Tepui TinamouCrypturellus ptaritepuiTinamou des tépuis
Thicket TinamouCrypturellus cinnamomeusTinamou cannelle
Undulated TinamouCrypturellus undulatusTinamou vermiculé
Variegated TinamouCrypturellus variegatusTinamou varié
White-bellied NothuraNothura boraquiraTinamou boraquira
White-throated TinamouTinamus guttatusTinamou à gorge blanche
Yellow-legged TinamouCrypturellus noctivagusTinamou noctivague

Sources : Gill, F and D Donsker (Eds). 2019. IOC World Bird List (v9.1) doi : 10.14344/IOC.ML.9.1.
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