Family : Haematopodidae

12 present species in the family of Haematopodidae

Classification :
English name Scientific name Common name
African OystercatcherHaematopus moquiniHuîtrier de Moquin
American OystercatcherHaematopus palliatusHuîtrier d'Amérique
Black OystercatcherHaematopus bachmaniHuîtrier de Bachman
Blackish OystercatcherHaematopus aterHuîtrier noir
Canary Islands OystercatcherHaematopus meadewaldoiHuîtrier des Canaries
Chatham OystercatcherHaematopus chathamensisHuîtrier des Chatham
Eurasian OystercatcherHaematopus ostralegusHuîtrier pie
Magellanic OystercatcherHaematopus leucopodusHuîtrier de Garnot
Pied OystercatcherHaematopus longirostrisHuîtrier à long bec
Sooty OystercatcherHaematopus fuliginosusHuîtrier fuligineux
South Island OystercatcherHaematopus finschiHuîtrier de Finsch
Variable OystercatcherHaematopus unicolorHuîtrier variable

Sources : Gill, F and D Donsker (Eds). 2013. IOC World Bird List (v7.1) doi : 10.14344/IOC.ML.7.1.
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