Family : Climacteridae

7 present species in the family of Climacteridae

Classification :
English name Scientific name Common name
White-throated TreecreeperCormobates leucophaeaÉchelet leucophée
Papuan TreecreeperCormobates placensÉchelet papou
Red-browed TreecreeperClimacteris erythropsÉchelet à sourcils roux
White-browed TreecreeperClimacteris affinisÉchelet à sourcils blancs
Rufous TreecreeperClimacteris rufusÉchelet roux
Brown TreecreeperClimacteris picumnusÉchelet brun
Black-tailed TreecreeperClimacteris melanurusÉchelet à queue noire

Sources : Gill, F and D Donsker (Eds). 2019. IOC World Bird List (v9.1) doi : 10.14344/IOC.ML.9.1.
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