Family : Emberizidae

44 present species in the family of Emberizidae

Classification :
English name Scientific name Common name
Crested BuntingEmberiza lathamiBruant huppé
Slaty BuntingEmberiza siemsseniBruant bleu
Corn BuntingEmberiza calandraBruant proyer
YellowhammerEmberiza citrinellaBruant jaune
Pine BuntingEmberiza leucocephalosBruant à calotte blanche
Rock BuntingEmberiza ciaBruant fou
Godlewski's BuntingEmberiza godlewskiiBruant de Godlewski
Meadow BuntingEmberiza cioidesBruant à longue queue
White-capped BuntingEmberiza stewartiBruant de Stewart
Jankowski's BuntingEmberiza jankowskiiBruant de Jankowski
Grey-necked BuntingEmberiza buchananiBruant à cou gris
Cinereous BuntingEmberiza cineraceaBruant cendré
Ortolan BuntingEmberiza hortulanaBruant ortolan
Cretzschmar's BuntingEmberiza caesiaBruant cendrillard
Cirl BuntingEmberiza cirlusBruant zizi
Striolated BuntingEmberiza striolataBruant striolé
House BuntingEmberiza sahariBruant du Sahara
Lark-like BuntingEmberiza impetuaniBruant des rochers
Cinnamon-breasted BuntingEmberiza tahapisiBruant cannelle
Gosling's BuntingEmberiza goslingiBruant d'Alexander
Socotra BuntingEmberiza socotranaBruant de Socotra
Cape BuntingEmberiza capensisBruant du Cap
Vincent's BuntingEmberiza vincentiBruant de Vincent
Tristram's BuntingEmberiza tristramiBruant de Tristram
Chestnut-eared BuntingEmberiza fucataBruant à oreillons
Little BuntingEmberiza pusillaBruant nain
Yellow-browed BuntingEmberiza chrysophrysBruant à sourcils jaunes
Rustic BuntingEmberiza rusticaBruant rustique
Yellow-throated BuntingEmberiza elegansBruant élégant
Yellow-breasted BuntingEmberiza aureolaBruant auréole
Somali BuntingEmberiza poliopleuraBruant de Somalie
Golden-breasted BuntingEmberiza flaviventrisBruant à poitrine dorée
Brown-rumped BuntingEmberiza affinisBruant à ventre jaune
Cabanis's BuntingEmberiza cabanisiBruant de Cabanis
Chestnut BuntingEmberiza rutilaBruant roux
Tibetan BuntingEmberiza koslowiBruant de Koslov
Black-headed BuntingEmberiza melanocephalaBruant mélanocéphale
Red-headed BuntingEmberiza brunicepsBruant à tête rousse
Yellow BuntingEmberiza sulphurataBruant du Japon
Black-faced BuntingEmberiza spodocephalaBruant masqué
Grey BuntingEmberiza variabilisBruant gris
Pallas's Reed BuntingEmberiza pallasiBruant de Pallas
Japanese Reed BuntingEmberiza yessoensisBruant de Yéso
Common Reed BuntingEmberiza schoeniclusBruant des roseaux

Sources : Gill, F and D Donsker (Eds). 2019. IOC World Bird List (v9.1) doi : 10.14344/IOC.ML.9.1.
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