Family : Certhiidae

11 present species in the family of Certhiidae

Classification :
English name Scientific name Common name
African Spotted CreeperSalpornis salvadoriGrimpereau de Salvador
Bar-tailed TreecreeperCerthia himalayanaGrimpereau de l'Himalaya
Brown CreeperCerthia americanaGrimpereau brun
Eurasian TreecreeperCerthia familiarisGrimpereau des bois
Hodgson's TreecreeperCerthia hodgsoniGrimpereau de Hodgson
Hume's TreecreeperCerthia manipurensisGrimpereau du Manipur
Indian Spotted CreeperSalpornis spilonotaGrimpereau tacheté
Rusty-flanked TreecreeperCerthia nipalensisGrimpereau du Népal
Short-toed TreecreeperCerthia brachydactylaGrimpereau des jardins
Short-toed Treecreeper (mauritanica)Certhia brachydactyla mauritanicaGrimpereau du Maghreb
Sichuan TreecreeperCerthia tianquanensisGrimpereau du Sichuan
Sikkim TreecreeperCerthia discolorGrimpereau discolore

Sources : Gill, F and D Donsker (Eds). 2013. IOC World Bird List (v7.1) doi : 10.14344/IOC.ML.7.1.
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