Family : Tytonidae

20 present species in the family of Tytonidae

Classification :
English name Scientific name Common name
Greater Sooty OwlTyto tenebricosaEffraie ombrée
Lesser Sooty OwlTyto multipunctataEffraie piquetée
Minahassa Masked OwlTyto inexspectataEffraie de Minahassa
Taliabu Masked OwlTyto nigrobrunneaEffraie de Taliabu
Moluccan Masked OwlTyto sororculaEffraie des Tanimbar
Manus Masked OwlTyto manusiEffraie de Manus
Golden Masked OwlTyto aurantiaEffraie dorée
Australian Masked OwlTyto novaehollandiaeEffraie masquée
Sulawesi Masked OwlTyto rosenbergiiEffraie des Célèbes
Red OwlTyto soumagneiEffraie de Soumagne
Western Barn OwlTyto albaEffraie des clochers
American Barn OwlTyto furcataEffraie d'Amérique
Eastern Barn OwlTyto javanicaEffraie d'Australie
Andaman Masked OwlTyto deroepstorffiEffraie des Andaman
Ashy-faced OwlTyto glaucopsEffraie d'Hispaniola
African Grass OwlTyto capensisEffraie du Cap
Eastern Grass OwlTyto longimembrisEffraie de prairie
Congo Bay OwlPhodilus prigogineiPhodile de Prigogine
Oriental Bay OwlPhodilus badiusPhodile calong
Sri Lanka Bay OwlPhodilus assimilisPhodile du Sri Lanka

Sources : Gill, F and D Donsker (Eds). 2013. IOC World Bird List (v7.1) doi : 10.14344/IOC.ML.7.1.
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